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Susan’s Red Flags

 We can't stand when our community has been told half-truths that had a negative impact on their health coverage. Below we have included a few common topics that we want our community to be aware of to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your Medicare needs.

I received a call saying Medicare is issuing new cards. Is this true?

Key Points:

  • Medicare is not issuing new Medicare cards!

  • Medicare cards DO NOT expire

  • Please do NOT give your Medicare number over the phone

  • Medicare will not call you

I see websites that will provide me Medicare quotes but I have to enter a bit of personal information. Do you recommend this?

  • Exercise caution when entering your personal information into websites claiming to provide Medicare information/quotes. Best practice is to understand how your information will be used. Example – will they share/sell your phone number thus resulting in numerous Medicare sales calls.

I am receiving so many phone calls, how do I know if they are legitimate?

The overwhelming majority of people calling you are marketers and/or insurance agents trying to sell you policies that may not best fit your needs.

I see a lot of TV ads talking about additional benefits for Original Medicare. Do I need to call those numbers?

Most TV ads (including those starring former football stars and actors) are referring to Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C). These are not additional benefits that supplement original Medicare. If you were to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you would forfeit your Original Medicare.

Have you received calls/mailers saying:  “Medicare is changing” OR “You may not be receiving all of your Medicare benefits”

  • These calls/mailers are trying to confuse you into buying a new policy

  • What is changing is the Medicare copay and deducible payments. This happens every year and is nothing new.