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Susan's Commonly Asked Questions About Medicare:

At our office we receive a lot of questions regarding Medicare. We've included a few of those common questions below in the hopes of helping provide down to earth advice for your Medicare planning process.

Will I automatically be enrolled in Medicare?

  • Depends. If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you will automatically be enrolled.

  • If you are not receiving SS, you will have to enroll yourself. That is something we can help you with!

I’m getting a lot of phone calls, mail, and I see ads on TV that all tell me I need to enroll quickly! How do I know what to believe?

  • Enrolling in Medicare is important, and you want to take your time to make sure you make the right decision for you. For most people (anyone that will continue with employer health insurance after 65 may be excluded), the deadline to enroll without penalty is 3 months after your 65th birthday.

  • Please feel free to give us a call at 620-365-3523 for peace of mind and to discuss Medicare options that are specific to our area.

Do I have to take Social Security to enroll in Medicare?

No. You can have Medicare and not elect Social Security.

If I have other coverage, should I sign up for Part B?

Maybe. There are many options that could support your healthcare coverage. Feel free to give us a call to see if this would be a good decision for you.

What is Part D?

It is coverage for your prescriptions at the local pharmacy or mail order.

What is Part C?

Medicare Advantage. This is different from Medicare Supplements (Medigaps), and each have their individual pros and cons. You cannot enroll in both. We offer support and understanding in both.

I receive “official looking” mail that looks like it is from Medicare. How do I differentiate between official mail and advertisements?

Many (probably most) of those are advertisement. You can confirm this by looking for the small print that says, “not connected or endorsed by any government entity”.

What can I expect for monthly average premium cost for my Medicare needs (at age 65)?

  • 2024 Medicare Part B base cost = $ 174.70

  • Average Supplement Premium = $ 130 (based on our experience)

  • Average Part D Prescription Premium = $ 35 (based on our experience)

  • Total Average Premium (per month) = $ 335 (based on our experience)

What if I don’t want to spend $335 per month?

  • Medicare Advantage plans start at $0 premium. Even with enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan, the individual must still pay the Part B premium of $174.70.

  • Word of caution - You likely will receive high pressure sales concerning these plans. They do come with substantially higher deductibles and copays.